EducationCity and the Mastery Approach

This is super important to ensure students have a solid understanding and knowledge of a subject.

We’d like to help you with the mastery approach!

EducationCity has a number of features, which can support the mastery approach across the curriculum, such as MyCity and Tests. Let us tell you some more…


A MyCity allows you to quickly and easily group content in one place and assign it to students to access in class or at home, as homework. 

How does MyCity help with the mastery approach? 

  • Set work for different abilities: MyCity lets you set targeted work for individual students depending on their abilities.
  • Manage your students’ learning: you can assign work in a set order by setting it to ‘Sequenced’. You can also choose the percentage score your students should achieve before they can move on to the next piece of content.
  • Track your students’ progress: each MyCity has a Tracking tab so you can see the work that’s been completed and each students’ scores – this is a great way of identifying areas of weakness.


Tests are great way of assessing your students’ performance. You can monitor results from each test a student has taken, and help them improve by focusing on those areas of weakness. 

How do Tests help with the mastery approach? 

  • Helps track progress: Every question and answer is recorded in SuccessTracker, allowing you to track whole-class and individual progress.
  • Targeted Learning: A MyRevision Journal is generated for students after taking a Test to help them target weaknesses and improve their knowledge. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are automatically gathered when students score below 100% on a test.

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