Even More Free Resources Are Now Available!

All of the resource packs you’ll find on the EducationCity website are subject and topic-specific, and are suitable for a range of ages.

We have eight NEW resource packs to tell you about, so read on for more details…


Addition and Subtraction Worksheets – Lower KS2

This pack is brilliant as it includes some great Activity and Answer Sheets to help your students develop their addition and subtraction skills. You’ll find mental maths questions, number problems, crossword puzzles, and so much more!

Fractions Worksheets – KS2

If you’d like to support your students with their knowledge of fractions, be sure to check out this pack! It includes worksheets to help your students simplify fractions and use common multiples to express fractions in the same denomination – fab!


Writing Sentences Lesson Plans – KS1

These worksheets are perfect to use to support your students with developing their writing skills. They’ll learn all about the correct use of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, as well as exploring the use of noun phrases.


Electricity Lesson Plans – KS2

In this pack, your students will discover what electrical circuits are and what components are needed to make one work. The worksheets in this pack will also help your students understand what the circuit symbols mean and what appliances have circuits in the home environment.

Seasons – EYFS

The worksheets in this pack will help your students identify different types of weather and relate different pictures to summer and winter. You’ll also find some cool seasonal calendars you could pin up on your whiteboard!

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Colouring Sheets

These colouring sheets are perfect for Golden Time or a rainy day! There are specific maths and English sheets, which are perfect for getting students to think about vowels and consonants and to explore odd and even numbers, and also general character poses. There are lots to choose from, so take your pick!

Editable Certificates Pack

The certificates are perfect for rewarding students for a piece of fantastic work they may have done or for good behaviour. Check out the full range of certificates in the pack.

Class Area Labels Pack

If you’re looking for some editable labels for your classroom doors, walls or trays, then we think you’ll like our class labels, which feature lots of familiar faces, including Klara and Sten.

Want to discover what other packs we have to offer? Simply download them from our ‘Free Resources’ page on our website – there are lots to choose from!