Exploring Wildlife with EducationCity

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at some of the wildlife-themed KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) Activities we have within our Science module…

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KS1Wildlife Activity

Gone Astray: #555 – Identify the correct habitat for the given animal.

Animal Homes: #533 – Identify the correct habitat for each animal.

Woodland Wander: #911 – Decide which creatures might be found on the different parts of the tree and forest floor.

Wild Woods: #1093 – All about animals and the environments they live in, what they eat and the places they can be found.


The Huntress: #561 – Identify what is eaten by selecting the producer, the prey or the predator.

Animal Rescue: #1651 – Understand that animals are suited to their own habitat.

Creature Features: #13309 – Consider how animals and plants adapt and are suited to their habitat.

Bug Hotel/Butterfly Life Cycle Activity Ideas

If you are a bit stuck for wildlife-themed activity ideas, why not take a look at our two fab suggestions, where your students will learn how to make their very own bug hotel and bring the life cycle of a butterfly to life using pasta! Click on the links below to download:

Bug Hotel Activity Idea

Butterfly Life Cycle Activity Idea

Animals and their Habitats Lesson Plans Resource Pack

We’ve got a treat for you! Take a look at our fantastic Animals and their Habitats Lesson Plans Pack, which includes fun resources to help your students develop their knowledge on animals’ characteristics and habitats. To get hold of this pack, all you need to do is simply download it here.

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