Homework Over the Christmas Break Anyone?

Homework at Christmas? Bah Humbug!

It’s a debatable topic, that’s for sure, but there are pros and cons to each argument.

Homework has an undeniably positive effect on learning as much research has concluded. Find out why homework is important.

  • It gives children the opportunity to repeat processes undertaken in the classroom independently. This also helps with highlighting any gaps in an individual student’s learning.
  • It reinforces what has already been learnt.
  • It gives students the opportunity to practise, practise, practise.
  • It leads to better results and greater general motivation towards learning.

The positives of homework aside, isn’t Christmas the time for children to just focus on having fun and have a break from schoolwork? Shouldn’t the priority be for them to:

  • Play with toys their family and friends have given them?
  • Spend time indulging in new or existing hobbies?
  • Enjoy general recreational activities outside of a school environment?

All are necessary for a good life balance. But what if we said that homework and fun don’t need to be mutually exclusive?

By combining meaningful, interesting, engaging learning experiences, which will be useful for the students’ future work, teachers can keep their students learning while not taking anything away from the festivities.

Christmas Homework Ideas

One way this can be achieved is via technology. We all know how popular this is with youngsters (and parents) alike. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 years of age spend over 15 hours online, as well as 10 hours playing video games in an average week. That will definitely rise over the Christmas week!

Practising times tables or number families on their computer or tablet could pay dividends and will most certainly keep the grey matter functioning! Reading or playing word games online and offline is great for developing literacy and spelling skills.

No Pressure

Sounds easy in theory, doesn’t it? But we all know families that will be going away and baulk at the mere thought of homework eating into some of their family time. Keep it casual, and make the homework non-obligatory. Some parents will be glad of ideas to fill some of the time before schools open their doors. Again, others will have scheduled every millisecond of their holiday months long ago.

Whatever’s achieved, you’ll have gained at least a little head-start in the New Year, as well as spreading some positive Christmas cheer!

Where can I find fun Christmas Activities?

You’ve come to the right place. They’re already here.