Why Is Homework Important?

Setting homework before a lesson is great for helping understanding later in class. It provides the opportunity to reinforce work learnt during school time and for students to develop their skills too.

Here, we’re going to take a look at more reasons why homework is so important and how EducationCity can help you set it quickly and easily.

Homework Improves students’ knowledge

Homework is great practice and it’s well-known that practice makes perfect. Doing homework means more learning which leads to academic achievements.

It makes what’s taught in class relevant too and also prepares students for upcoming assessments.

Homework Enriches the chance to explore

It allows your students the opportunity to explore independently. Students can take their learning home and discover new concepts beyond class time.

Develops positive study skills

Deadlines can have a positive effect on the future development of students. Not only do they encourage students to use their time wisely, they promote self-discipline and good habits that will be great for later life.

Nurture the opportunity to take responsibility with Homework

Along with positive study skills comes the fact that homework helps with building independence. It means students have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own work.

Encourages parental engagement

The home school connection is improved too. Homework encourages parents to get involved with their child’s learning and what they’re doing at school. It’s great for encouraging parents to spark their child’s enthusiasm too!

So, how can EducationCity help me set homework?

EducationCity’s MyCity feature is the perfect resource for setting homework quickly and easily!

What’s MyCity?

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A MyCity is an area where you can quickly group content in one place and assign it to students to access in class (Classwork), or at home (Homework), providing your school subscribes to Home Access*.

How Can MyCity Help?

  • Great for 1:1 help: you can set a MyCity for a student who may require extra support.
  • Helps with differentiated learning: MyCity lets you set work for groups of students so they can focus on different work depending on their abilities without realising that they’re working at different levels.
  • Manage your students’ learning: you can control the flow of learning and put work in an order by setting it to ‘Sequenced’.
  • Track progress: each MyCity created has a Tracking tab so you can see students’ scores as well as what your students have completed, what’s in progress and what they haven’t accessed yet.

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