How to Use Online Primary School Maths Games to Teach Times Tables

There are many fun primary school maths games to teach times tables and many benefits to teaching them too. Helping your students grasp multiplication facts makes it easier to move onto higher mathematical functions. They support many mathematical strategies such as area and perimeter and percentages, mastery and they’re also a valuable skill for later life.

One way to make teaching times tables fun is through primary school maths games. That’s where EducationCity can help! As students learn in different ways, we’re going to show you how you can use a range of online maths games in EducationCity’s maths module to teach the times tables. Let’s see how…

Sing-Along as a Class

One way is to use the Times Table Songs as a class on the whiteboard.

You can check out sneak peeks of the Times Table Songs here…

The Times Table Songs are available from the 2 x to the 12 x table and offer fun, engaging ways to teach multiplication facts. Classes can sing along to them altogether. This is fantastic for encouraging class participation. As well as introducing your class to the times tables and even practicing reciting them.

From ghosts in the 12 x Table Song to hamsters in the 8 x, the fun, engaging graphics and enjoyable songs mean your students won’t even realise their learning!

Set Individual Challenges with Primary School Math Games

Another way to effectively teach times tables is through the Times Tables Bundle. Which has specific Activities that students can do individually.

The Bundle houses the songs mentioned above and three Activities for each of the 2 x to the 12 x tables which are great times tables and recall practice. One Activity tests students in a fun way on both multiplication and division facts, another is on just multiplication facts and the other is on just division facts.

You can find this Bundle by looking out for this icon in the Maths module (as shown below).

Primary school maths games

What’s more, if students complete these individually, scores from these challenges are automatically recorded in SuccessTracker so you can assess students’ progress and see any areas of weakness.

Who Will Top the Leader Board of Primary School Maths Games?

You can use PlayLive Multiplication too! This is a competitive mental mathematics challenge, which pits students in a race to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds.

Challenge your students to top the leader board! PlayLive Multiplication is fantastic for encouraging quick recall and for fun times tables practise. As practice makes perfect and it can take many revisits until students automatically recite their times tables. PlayLive makes practicing them super fun!

Parental Engagement

You can also encourage parental engagement too when teaching the times table. With Home Access, which lets you access EducationCity out of school hours, your students can use the online maths games mentioned above at home – you can set them as homework too! This not only helps learning at home but encourages parental engagement as well – perfect!

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