Multiplication Tables Check Topic Tool

We have a Multiplication Tables Check tool to support you with teaching the times tables or if you are preparing your students for the statutory check.

In this blog, we’ll tell you a little more about the tool and how it fits with the rest of the times tables resources you’ll find on EducationCity.

What Is the Multiplication Tables Check?

First, let’s cover the purpose of the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)*. This will become statutory as of June 2020 in England, and is to determine whether Year 4 students can fluently recall their multiplication tables.

All Year 4 students will be required to complete the check, which will be taken online, on a laptop, desktop or tablet.

The check consists of 25 questions and students need to read, recall and respond to each question within 6 seconds, meaning the full test should take no longer than five minutes for each student.

*The Multiplication Tables Check is compulsory in England only.

What Does EducationCity’s Multiplication Tables Check Topic Tool Look Like?

EducationCity’s Multiplication Tables Check Topic Tool follows the exact same format as the MTC from the Department of Education (DfE). The time remaining for the student to answer is displayed in the top right-hand corner and students are given a three second break between each question. This allows students to practise their times tables online ahead of the test in near-test conditions.

We appreciate that not every student will be ready to practise their times tables in this way, so we’ve added a couple of other options which you can choose from to suit your students (as well as tons of other times tables resources which you can read more about below).

There are three variants of our Multiplication Tables Check Topic Tool; each one gives students a different length of time to answer, as outlined below:

  • The first tool in the series allows the student 6 seconds to answer as allowed by the DfE;
  • The second, 10 seconds;
  • The third, 20 seconds.

Students can work through the different formats, responding firstly in 20 seconds, then 10 seconds, to familiarise themselves with the format, develop their understanding of the multiplication facts and gain in confidence. They can then move on to the 6 second version when they’re ready, so that when it comes to taking the check, they’ll be completely familiar with the format and answering confidently within the required time frame.


As with the DfE’s check, no feedback is given until the end of the check where students can see a summary of how they’ve performed. Teachers will have a record of correct and incorrect answers for each student within SuccessTracker to help support intervention and fill in any gaps in knowledge.

Multiplication Tables Check Results
Multiplication Tables Check Results

Multiplication Mastery

Of course, using the Multiplication Tables Check Topic Tool is not the only way to improve your students’ times tables recall, which is why we have a whole range of times tables content to keep your learners engaged and stimulated. You can find out more about these from our Multiplication Tables Check Teaching Resource Pack, but here are just a few examples of what we can offer:

  • Our 2 to 12 x Table Songs and Multiplying by… series of Activities are great for the initial learning stage.
  • Our Grid Topic Tool is fantastic for identifying number patterns and understanding inverses (that’s to say that 3 x 7 is exactly the same as 7 x 3) to aid recall.
  • Our PlayLive Maths Multiplication challenge and Mental Maths Topic Tool are great for general practice, no matter whether students are competing against another team or purely focused on bettering their own scores.

Why not try EducationCity’s new Multiplication Tables Check Topic Tool (6 seconds) with your class by clicking here and see how they go?

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