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Intervention and Differentiation: The Next Step

Differentiation and intervention are two words that we use daily. Whether we’re planning for differentiation in instruction or intervention practices, the preparation can often be monotonous and time-consuming, which is where EducationCity can help with learners of different abilities.

Following a marked assessment or bundle of activities, EducationCity’s SuccessTracker can be used to inform your planning, help identify levels of need, and develop intervention groups. Read our three steps to get started.

Use EducationCity’s SuccessTracker to analyse class data

As all activities and assessments are marked automatically, you can view and download all students results and individual responses to see where the gaps lie amongst your class and inform the next steps

Build your groups using the group function

After analysing your class’ data, you can use EducationCity’s group function to build intervention groups or sets for class or homework differentiation. There isn’t a limit as to how many groups you can have, how many students can be in a group, or how many groups a student can belong to, so groups are great to use for all subject areas, interventions, or even round-robin and carousel learning!

Set work for your groups

Whether assigning classwork or homework, EducationCity tools and resources can build up knowledge and confidence and aid students in independently filling their learning gaps. There are videos for boosting understanding, open-ended questions for problem-solving, games for rewards, and important activities to test student knowledge. Plus, as these assignments are assigned automatically, they will add data to SuccessTracker and inform your future differentiation and intervention.

Log in here to get started and to see how EducationCity can support you with assessments or with any other guidance you may need.

We are also offering free trials to schools. All you need to do is contact us at customerservice@educationcity.com to activate this.

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