Let’s Explore Our Maths Module!

Below, we have some topics you’ll find on EducationCity within the maths module. Today we’re going to explore the Activities within KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s equivalent).

Let’s get right to it!



Measuring Time: #26121 – Solve practical time problems in seconds.

Watch Man: #12243 – Read and tell time to the hour on an analogue clock.

Eternal Flume: #34361 – Convert, sequence and compare time.


Fraction Heroes: #13308 – Compare fractions with like numerators or denominators.

Ready, Steady, Bake: #374 – Recognise and find simple fractions – 3/4, 2/3, 3/10 using a cake with up to 20 slices.

MultiplicationMaths Activity

Snow Hope: #376 – Double any multiple of 5 up to 50 and halve any multiple of 10 up to 100.

Field Goal: #336 – Create multiplication calculations to match the repeated additions.



Time Flies: #33297 – Solve problems involving converting units of time.

Tick Tock: #349 – Set the time on an analogue clock.


Fraction Packed: #12377 – Identify a fractional area of a shape.

Water World: #1694 – Simplifying fractions.

Pizza Delivery: #1452 – Identify which is larger, the given fraction or decimal.


Wheel Multiplication: #32868 – Multiply two numbers mentally up to a three-digit number by a one-digit number. A pen and pencil may be required to make jottings.

Don’t forget to give PlayLive Maths a go too! PlayLive Maths is a competitive mental maths challenge, where students race each other to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. We’d recommend you check it out – it’s such fun!

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