Multiplication with EducationCity

Let’s just get right into it shall we…

Below you’ll find some multiplication Activity suggestions which you’ll find on EducationCity within KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) of our Maths module.

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KS1Maths Activity

Snow Hope: #376 – Double any multiple of 5 up to 50 and halve any multiple of 10 up to 100.

Football Mad: #25575 – Interpret different multiplication vocabulary in order to answer questions on the 2, 5 and 10 x table.

Temple Crusade: #340 – Find a small difference between a pair of numbers lying either side of 20, or another multiple of 10.

Planet Hoppers: #25853 – Rapid recall of multiplication and division facts for the 5 times table.


Field Goal: #336 – Create multiplication calculations to match the repeated additions.

Snakes and Adders: #25875 – Answer addition calculations involving adding multiples of ten to a two-digit number.

Number Cruncher: #34323 – Solve multiplication and division problems involving factors and multiples, squares and cubes.

Plant Pots: #14848 – Find the area of rectangles.

Times Tables SongsMaths Activity

We’ve a great range of engaging Times Tables Songs which you can sing along to with your class.

They range from the 2 x to the 12 x table and are a fab way to help students recall and retain those all-important number facts – fantastic!

PlayLive Maths

PlayLive can be found in not only English, French and Spanish, but also Maths too! PlayLive Maths is brilliant for testing your students’ multiplication knowledge, as well as encouraging them to have plenty of fun along the way.

These challenges are interactive and competitive and allow students to play against others in their class, school or even worldwide!

Give it a go and see if your students can top the leaderboard!

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