Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool – Video Alert!

The Topic Tool makes great practice for the check and we thought what better time to show you it in action!

You can watch the video right here.

Let Us Tell You a Little More About the Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool…

  • Select the Words You Want: the Topic Tool is super flexible, as it enables you to choose the words you want your students to be tested on.
  • Export the Results: you can gather a list of your students’ check results so you can save them or print them for your records to refer back to.
  • Print Words as Flashcards: you can print your words out as flashcards by choosing the ‘Print’ button – brilliant to use for independent or whole class learning!


We also have an awesome Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool Snippet, which can be used to help you out further.

To find out more about the other phonics resources we have on offer for the Phonics Screening Check, and to help get your students fully prepared, keep an eye out on the blog page