Spotlight on… MyCity

All students learn at their own pace, as everyone has different abilities and adapts to individual ways of learning, so that’s we wanted to tell you about MyCity and how this feature can help you out.

What is MyCity?

MyCity enables you to plan your lessons in advance and assign work to individual students, groups or classes – brilliant!

Tell Me More About This Feature…

  • Additional Support: you can easily set a MyCity for a student who may require some additional help with their learning, so they can practice their work in their own time.
  • Set Work for Different Abilities: MyCity lets you set different work for groups of students depending on their abilities and what’s more, your students won’t even realise that they’re working at different levels!
  • Manage Students’ Learning: with MyCity, you can set your students work you’d like them to complete in a specific order by setting it to ‘Sequenced’, so you can control the flow of learning. If students don’t have to complete their work in any particular order, then simply select the ‘Non-Sequenced’ button.
  • Track Students’ Progress: each MyCity created has a Tracking tab so you can see students’ scores as well as what your students have completed, what’s in progress and what they haven’t started – a great way to identify areas of weakness. 
  • Tablet-Friendly Content Indicator: the tablet-friendly content indicator aims to help you see how much content in a MyCity you create is tablet-friendly – a super handy tool if your students are working on tablet devices!


Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to explore MyCity? Start your free trial today by calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or using the form.