Spotlight On… SuccessTracker

This super handy tracking tool allows you to track students’, groups’ or whole class progress, to help you identify all of your students’ strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily.

Let’s discover why SuccessTracker is a brilliant timesaver for you…

  • Records Scores: SuccessTracker saves individual scores for you to easily view and means you can see how individual students are doing – brilliant for personalised learning!
  • Provides Detailed Scores: you have a detailed view of all the questions within an Activity or Test that a student answered correctly or incorrectly. This means you can see if your students are struggling with a certain subject area.
  • Reset Work: if a student needs to go over a piece of work, you can easily add any resource from SuccessTracker to a MyCity to help with revision and mastery – it makes it much easier to help your students improve their scores. 
  • Automatically Marks Work: as scores are recorded automatically, you don’t have to mark anything! You can place your concentration elsewhere, which means you have more time to help students.


To see SuccessTracker in action, log in, or if your school doesn’t subscribe to EducationCity, take a free trial.