Tips for Classroom Organisation

Let’s get right into it…

Clean up after Lessons

Had a crafty lesson and found sequins and glue all over the table and floor? It might sound simple, but if you make sure you clean up from one lesson before starting another, this cuts down on clean-up time and means you can fully focus and prepare for the next.

Use to-do lists

Using a to-do list or planner means you can prioritise your workload and know what you need to sort out during the day – it’s a great way to plan your time too!

Label, label, label!

It may help to label any storage boxes, containers or folders with important bits in, whether it be stationery, letters or games, we think this might be one of the best ways to stay super-organised.

You may even want to get your students involved in creating some labels for things in the classroom that they use regularly, as this opens up opportunities for you to display their fantastically creative artwork.   

Invest in a Calendar

Our final tip would be to get a calendar. With all the events that go on at school – birthdays, staff meetings, parents’ conferences, and sports days, etc., it’s important to keep right on track and be super-prepared.

That’s not all…

We have a range of classroom resources within the Free Resources area on our website. What’s best, they are completely free to download, so why not take a peek? Perfect for helping you make your classroom displays look bright and super-colourful!

You can find them here.

We hope you enjoyed our tips! If you have any others you’d like to share, then please get in touch at @EducationCity