Tips & Tricks for Bringing Technology into the Classroom

With this in mind, let’s explore a few of the ways that can help you prepare for these technological changes…

1. Plan for the Use of Technology within the Classroom

While on the surface this may seem like an obvious statement, many teachers who are working to integrate education technology within the classroom do not have the time necessary to define how tech tools are meant to enhance classroom instruction. It is critical to provide not only initial training on the new technology, but also to provide ongoing training.

2. Use Technology to Gather Meaningful Student Data

One of the most powerful aspects of using technology within the classroom is the ability to quickly gather student data and feedback. Classrooms that relied in the past on teacher’s offline scoring, can now use the power of technology to gather that student feedback in a matter of minutes.

Teachers now have the ability to gather that student data and then interpret it to make adjustments on a daily basis in how they approach classroom instruction.

Gathering student data and feedback using technology in the classroom is essential and it is one way that you can quickly make an enormous difference in how your students learn and grow.

3. Educate Everyone on How to Use Technology to Support Learning

Effectively using technology in the classroom extends beyond just the school grounds, as students may complete work at home too. Taking the time to educate your student’s parent/family about what types of classroom technology will be used, what impacts it can have and how parents/families can support the use of technology within the classroom is essential.

Hosting a session at the school is a great way to help not only educate your students’ parent/family. The more you can take the time to educate your students and their parent/families about the use of technology within the classroom, the more effective it can be.

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