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Teaching French and Spanish in the Classroom

Let’s take a look at some of the KS2 French and Spanish Learn Screens and Activities we have to offer, and which we recommend to try on EducationCity. To find the content easily on EducationCity, simply pop the Content ID number in the Search tool.


Learn Screens

Mes Jeux Préférés: #20083 – Express your favourite playground game in French.

Château Hanté: #12675 – Explore and practise the phonetic alphabet plus a range of vocabulary.

Bon Appetit: #12726 – Identify the verb, article and noun in a sentence with food context.

ActivitiesFrench Activity

Mon Passeport: #1690 – Create a French passport by inputting your name and age.

Les Choux: #1498 – Sing along to the traditional French song “Savez-vous planter les choux?”

Mon Agenda: #20176 – Complete Emma’s agenda recognising leisure activities and building sentences.


Learn Screens

Mapa del Castillo: #12685 – Explore and practise the phonetic alphabet.

¡Jugamos!: #12772 – Identify the verb, article and noun in a sentence with sports context.

Día de la Música: #13250 – Explore and practise adverbs and adjectives to describe genres of music and how well it is played.


Fuente: #1102 – Look at the fish and place an adjective or adverb that describes them.

La Ciudad Liada: #1865 – Listen to and repeat tongue twisters using ‘neighbourhood’ vocabulary.

Guerra de Planetas: #1592 – Create simple sentences about the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

Don’t forget to try PlayLive French and Spanish…

Our PlayLive challenges are a perfect way to reward students after they’ve completed their work. Not only are they interactive challenges that encourage students to race each other to answer quick-fire questions in rounds of 60 seconds, they also test students’ language skills and cultural understanding in French and Spanish.

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