Are You Celebrating European Day of Languages?

Throughout Europe, people are encouraged to discover more languages at any age, as part of or alongside their studies. The Council of Europe’s belief is that language diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and there are over 200 European languages, so the day is important to be recognised.

If you’re celebrating this event in your school, be sure to take a look at our KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) French and Spanish Activities.

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Mon Passeport: #1690 – Create a French passport by inputting your name and age.

Le Pont d’Avignon: #1492 – Sing-along and dance-along to a traditional French song “Sur le Pont d’Avignon”.

Bon Appetit: #1070 – Identify word classes in a food context.

Le Look: #1062 – Placing nouns for clothing correctly with their articles.


Ojos Rojos: #1482 – Tongue twisters that focus on sounds that are particular to Spanish.

Marionetas: #1612 – To understand and answer questions about the colour, size and character of animals.

Fuente: #1102 – Look at the fish and place an adjective or adverb that describes them.

La hora de llegada: #1085 – To ask and say time with minutes.

If you’d like to find out more about this event, then take a look on the organiser’s website, where your school could take part in a competition to demonstrate how multilingual your classroom is – you don’t want to miss it!

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