Learning All About Plants with EducationCity

As such, we wanted to tell you a little more about the plant-themed content we have within our Science module so you can explore plants in your classroom with your students.

Let’s explore our KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s academic equivalent) Learn Screens and Activities

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Learn ScreensPlants Learn Screen


The Roots: #19960 – See how a plant grows from a seed.

Seeds of Knowledge: #20712 – Explore key vocabulary used when discussing plants and their needs.

Life Cycle of a Bulb: #20082 – Observe the life cycle of a bulb, looking at different stages of its growth.


Plant Functions: #19958 – Explore the functions of the main parts of a plant.

Granny’s Garden: #12670 – Understanding what plants need to help them grow from seeds into healthy plants.

ActivitiesPlants Activity


Ready, Set, Grow! #12257 – Answer questions about the life cycle of plants.

Growing, Growing, Gone: #20171 – Students observe and describe the life cycle of a bulb, looking at different stages of its growth.


Flower Power: #543 – Identify the different parts of a plant.

Creature Features: #13309 – Consider how animals and plants adapt and are suited to their habitat.

Green Fingers: #574 – Name the parts of the flower and understand the different function of each part.

Don’t forget to take a look at our fantastic Plants Worksheets Resource Pack, which will teach your students all about the functioning parts of a plant and what they require to help them grow.

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