EducationCity’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

So, we’ve had a browse through and taken a look at some of our most favoured blogs; whether it’s one telling you all about our latest content and features, some fun hints and tips and lesson inspiration, or even our charity day events, we really like sharing our blogs with you and hope you enjoy them too!

Is one of the blogs mentioned below your favourite?

1. Here’s Why It’s Important You Update Your Web Browser

In this blog, we discussed the reasons why it’s important you keep your web browser up to date, e.g., faster page loading, fewer crashes and screen freezes, etc., and how you update it, to prevent any issues happening.

2. Teaching About Internet Safety

Internet Safety is such an important topic and there’s so much content on EducationCity to help teach your students how to use the internet safely and the dangers it can present, if not used properly.Top Tips

3. In the Classroom… Teaching Times Tables

Explore some of the times tables content you’ll find on EducationCity, from fun Times Tables Songs to get your students recalling their multiplication facts to PlayLive Maths, an arithmetic challenge, where students play against others to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds.

4. Maths Worksheets on Statistics & Data Handling

Are your students getting to grips with statistics and data handling? You’ll find many maths worksheets on EducationCity to help you out! From bar charts to pictograms, you’ll find some handy resources for your students.

5. Teaching Time with EducationCity

Being able to tell the time is a valuable life skill that students will use forever. Help your students get to grips with the subject of time, with our fantastic activities!

6. School Trip Destinations to Encourage a Love of STEM

We’ve suggested a few cool destinations to inspire and interest students to learn about STEM subjects. Check out some of the destinations in the blog and see if they peak your students’ interest.

7. Feeling Sporty? 5 Benefits of Sport in School

Have you got some keen sport stars in your class? Then this is a perfect read, to find out about some benefits of sports and why they are great.

8. Fundraising Ideas for Children in Need

Our Children in Need fundraising ideas went down a treat! Some of our ideas included a bake sale and dress up, and can be used for any fundraising event. Hope you enjoy!  

9. Perfecting Punctuation with Your Class

Help your students with their punctuation by using our resources to support their learning. We’ve a whole range of content to explore, so why not give it a go?

10. Fun Afternoon Activity Ideas

This blog is a must-read if you’re looking for some wind-down/golden time activity ideas!

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We hope you enjoyed our review!

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