Introducing EducationCity for Home Educators

What Is EducationCity for Home Educators?

Our new product is the ultimate learning tool for home educators and parents looking for an online resource. It’s fantastic for children aged 3-12, as it features lots of fab learning resources, lesson planning tools, assessment tools, 24/7 access and so much more.

What Are the Benefits?

  • You can add up to five children to your account, where they’ll be able to access curriculum-ready content created by teachers, and over 10,000 fun educational, online learning resources covering a number of subjects and topics.
  • Create a personalised learning journey for your children, which is ideal for lesson planning and creating a learning pathway tailored to your child’s needs. EducationCity’s MyCity feature allows home educators to create a folder where they can put all the work they want their child to complete, and then set it for when they need – such a handy tool!
  • Assessing your child’s understanding is made easier with SuccessTracker, where you can see your child’s scores from any Activities and Tests played, and reset work to ensure mastery of concepts.


To find out more about EducationCity for Home Educators, take a look here.

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